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Paslanmaz Çelik


  • It is a set of care applied to your finger nails for your health and beautiful care.
  • Nails on fingers are free of dead skin,
  • Stainless steel
  • Long-lived


Meat clamp: it is used to cut and correct the remaining roughness of the meat that needs to be cleaned on the nail edges cut with scissors, as well as the stiffness on the edges of the fingers. It is also used for removing ingrown nails and calluses.

Nail clamp: a nail clamp is a tool used to cut the end of the nail. It must be sharp and made of stainless material.

Nail file: used to remove curvature of cut nails and give shape to nails. For ease of use, rasps should be flexible.

Cuticle scissors: used to cut excess parts at the edges of the nail or at the bottom of the nail.

Meat repellent: used to open and repel dead skins at the nail edge

Tweezers: tweezers are one of the most preferred Makeup Accessories to remove small hairs, especially in areas such as upper lip, under chin, eyebrow, located in the face area.