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Our company started its operations in Izmir in 2005 under the name DIVA cosmetics import export trade by Anıl Tüfekçioğlu and Sinan Özfidan. 100% real human hair wigs, hairstyles, studs, welding hair design and production related to the continuing activity in the field of currently working outline has emerged.

Since 2005, our company which is the product of an ongoing accumulation, which is the main area of 100% human hair supplies and beauty from the group until such time, without any deviation, continued to work in a stable manner, the young staff, seized power with executives and experienced. As a supplier known for its import-export activities and then principled work in the sector, it continued its sales to all of Turkey and more than 50 countries.

As Diva Cosmetics Import, Export and trade company, we are moving forward with confident steps to our goal by using the opportunities given to us by technology. It has survived many crises in Turkey's economic environment without problems, has known to save itself with the least damage in many fluctuations, and in this sense, with its solid capital structure and rational management, it has always been an organization that people trust, continuing its activities decisively until this time.

Diva Cosmetics has received trademark patent approvals by the Turkish Patent Organization of Prodiva, NAGASAKI, OKINAWA, DIVA brands.



As Diva Cosmetics, our goal is to gain the trust and satisfaction of our customers by always providing quality and reliable products to the sector and to make the existing trust and satisfaction permanent. For more than 15 years, we have been serving based on reliability, efficiency and superior quality. our company has a very respectable position in cosmetics and many different sectors primarily due to the fact that the first-class products it imports and produces have much superior qualities than the products in the market as quality and price advantage.

Diva Cosmetics, which has achieved great success by taking the first place in cosmetic exports in Turkey, also provides support to the country's economy with this success.

Our product range has proven its effectiveness in the world, all original, quality and brand reliability are selected products.

By closely following the developments in the sector and the new demands in the market, it continues to be one of the leading companies in the sector.

Our vision; To be a company that is recognized on international platforms, follows world-class contemporary innovations and leads innovations and is taken as an example by other cosmetic companies. Creating a cosmetics chain where our customers feel confident and all their expectations are met, providing equal service to all our customers at home and abroad with the highest quality.

Mission; In order to provide high quality service to our customers from all walks of society, to serve our country usefully by creating job opportunities in the cosmetic sector, to ensure the continuous development of our staff and to work happily in confidence.

We'll welcome you to our office to meet you when you have time.